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Father Sebastian

The Domian of Father Sebastian

23 January
Hello all F. Sebastian here, I would like to give a little information about myself. I was born in California and have been apart of the vampyre subculture since 1992. Currently I am residing in Europe working with Rakasha Books and helping develop the community here. I am a lover of art, performance, clubbing, BDSM, the occult, magick, satanism, fantasy, history (love History channel), philosophy, spirituality and follow the teachings of Strigoi Vii (living vampyrism).

absinthe, alchemy, alternate universes, anime, astral, astral sex, astral travel, astral vampires, babalon, bdsm, belly dancing, bettie page, black xion, bloodletting, body art, bondage, bruce campbell, ceremonial magick, chaos magick, concrete blonde, corsets, cruxshadows, d/s, dancing, dark paganism, dark stuff, dead can dance, debauchery, deer meat, delerium, dionysus, divination, dj fangz, dj xian, dreams, edgar allen poe, edwardian, endless night, endless night festival, energy sex, enigma, fang club, fang gang, fanged-teeth, fangs, fangsmithing, feeding, fire dancing, genitorturers, golden dawn, gor, goth, goth clothing, goth clubs, gothic, gothic radio, h.r. giger, haven, hellraiser, high magick, high tea, horror, hug my tree, immortality, incubi, incubus, inkubus sukkubus, interview with the vampire, ishtar, kheprian, legend, london, magick, magickal orders, magickus university, marilyn manson, marquis de sade, masochism, masters, meditation, mysterious dreams, new orleans, new york, nine inch nails, occult, passion, power exchange, pranic vampires, psivamps, pvc, qntal, rasputina, ravens, real vampires, red wine, reincarnation, ritual magick, romanticism, rush, s&m, sanguinarium, satanism, seduction, sexual alchemy, sexual energy, siouxie and the banshees, slave bracelets, slimelight, spirit companions, strigoi vii, succubi, sushi, tantric sex, temple of the vampire, the black veil, the cure, the doors, the fang club, the matrix, the shroud, torture garden, total power exchange, transylvania, travel, unique fetishes, unto ashes, vampire erotica, vampires, vampiricus, vampirism, vampyres, vampyric, victorian, visions, wiccans suck, wine, writing, wumpskate, yoga